Croatian Institute for Urban Security



Croatian Institute for Urban Security is an association whose main objective is to promote, develop and improve the integral vision of security, with special emphasis on the key role of local authorities in crime prevention.


To achieve it objectives, the Association performs the following:
- Planning of activities in order to achieve those goals
- Connecting people and organizations of the same interest that are dealing with activities of urban (public) safety
- Informing the public about issues of importance in the field of its activity
- Establishing cooperation with national authorities and chambers
- Developing a program of international cooperation and involvement in the work of other similar associations in foreign countries
- Promotion of European professional certificates and diplomas (the European Executive Master in Urban Security)
- Promotion of professional education programs and lifelong learning in line with the European recognized practice
- Establishing cooperation with the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Croatia, Croatian Ministry of Defense, the National Protection and Rescue Directorate of the Republic of Croatia
- Establishing cooperation with UNDP, NATO, EFUS
- Organizing counseling, seminars, roundtables and other professional and educational conferences in the field of safety
- Establishing cooperation with the Croatian Association of Cities and Crime Prevention Councils of local communities and cooperation with Croatian Security Association
- Establishing cooperation with universities and other educational institutions which have included in their programs the courses from the field of safety
- Strengthening of cooperation with similar organizations in Croatia and abroad, and entering into full membership in related international organizations and associations
- Market research and public opinion polls
- Publishing of books, magazines and other prints in the field of safety
- Establishing cooperation with international and national professional and economic associations and developing programs of international cooperation,
- Establishing cooperation with the legislative, executive and judicial authorities
- Exchanging experience and information, performing consultations and organizing counseling, and running initiative for making and changing laws and other regulations and measures of importance in the field of the Association
- Establishing cooperation with other domestic and foreign natural and legal persons

For more information, call: +385 1 60 62 888.


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