About the conference


Not so long ago terrorist attacks and violence on the streets seemed like something that we watched on the evening news. City streets unsafe to walk on seemed miles away from our geographical and mental point of view and distant enough to seem that they happen to someone else. Twenty years ago no one could imagine that this imaginary distance would disappear, and that unsafe city streets would become our reality.

In today's world there is a more than obvious need to identify key stakeholders and engage them in a discussion regarding city safety and secuity. This is our main motivation for organizing regional conference on the safety and security of cities.

The main goal of this conference is to bring together  mayors, deputy mayors, cities' safety and security managers, local authorities and government, county managers, deputy county managers, county safety and security managers, directors and management of all business that take part in the national security structure. The participants will be provided with the opportunity to exchange information and share ideas presented by representatives of major Croatian and European cities.


XVI. godina, broj II. 2020.


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